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May 2016
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Attachment Revision Sheets

Hello world!

I have recently uploaded some revision sheets for the attachment section of the AS Psychology course. So far I have covered the stages and explanations of attachment. More revision sheets on this topic are to follow soon!

Anyway, take a look at the new attachment revision sheets here. Also, there are revision sheets for abnormality and memory which can be found here.

Hope someone finds this useful! Happy revising!

Biological Model of Abnormality Tutorial

Hello world!

I have just uploaded a new tutorial on the Biological Model of Abnormality which you can check out here. You can also see all my other tutorials on the tutorials page surprisingly enough and also on my YouTube channel:

I am planning to release more Abnormality video tutorials over the summer and also to release revision sheets for the Attachment section of the AS Psychology course.

Happy revising!

AS Level Psychology: Memory Revision Sheets are complete!

Hello world!

I have just finished all the revision sheets for the Memory section of the AS course, you can read through them all here.

Over summer I will be releasing more Abnormality video tutorials and will also be starting to upload revision sheets for the Attachment section. I hope you all have a lovely summer and if you do decide to do some extra reading or revising then…

Happy revising!

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) Tutorials

Hello world!

I found some tutorials on NMR Spectroscopy while I was trying to do my A Level Chemistry homework and found them really helpful so thought I’d share them for anyone who could do with some help or who is just interested in chemistry!

Happy revising!

OMG I’m blogging about biology!

Just a quick note for anyone taking A-Level Biology or for anyone who may be interested in biology (don’t know why they would be but hey!)

In case you hadn’t guessed, I hate biology. Yes, I take it at A-Level but I just hate it! But anyway, getting to the point. I found this animation earlier about the light-dependent reaction of photosynthesis and found it pretty useful.  Some of the names of the molecules don’t need to be known for A-Level but I found the explanation itself really helpful. So just thought I’d share it for people who are in the same boat as me!

Happy revising!

Exams are over! (Well, for now at least!)

Hello world!

To my relief I have just finished my January A2 exams meaning I am much more relaxed and have way more time on my hands until I start my revision for my final A2 exams in June.

I have just put up a revision sheet on The Working Memory Model- check it out here!

I plan to work hard on in the next month as I am having a rest from my own revision. Hopefully I will be able to finish the Memory section of revision sheets and upload a few more video tutorials.  I am also considering doing some blogs about effectively planning revision and different methods of revising.

So…watch this space and as always, happy revising!

First Video Tutorial is now up!

Hello world!

I have finished my first video tutorial which is on the Definitions of Abnormality. Head over to the tutorials page to check it out! Also, you can watch my first and all my upcoming tutorials on YouTube at:

Happy revising!

First Memory Revision Sheet is now Online!

Hello world!

I have finally posted up the first Memory Revision Sheet and there are many more to come! Things are a bit slow at the moment due to my A Level exams coming up in January but once they’re out the way I should hopefully be posting much more regularly again on here :)

In the meantime, check out the Multi-Store Model of Memory revision sheet and any of my Abnormality revision sheets!

Other revision sheets to come in the Memory section will be:

The Working Memory Model, Eye Witness Testimony, The effects of Anxiety and Age on Eye Witness Testimony, The Cognitive Interview and Memory Improvement Strategies.

So you have all that to look forward to!

For now though…Happy Revising!

Abnormality Revision Sheets are Complete!

Hello world!

Yes, as it says in the title I have finished all of the revision sheets for the Abnormality section of the AS course so hopefully that should help you out!

I have decided to start on the Memory section next for the revision sheets and will soon be starting to upload video tutorials for the Abnormality sections if you prefer to learn by watching and listening rather than reading :)

So, for now…happy revising!

My First Revision Sheet!

Hello world!

As you may have seen I have just released my first revision sheet on “The Definitions of Abnormality”. Just to let you know, I have actually written out all the revision sheets for the Abnormality section of the AS course and will be uploading them in due course.

I have also recorded my first video tutorial and am currently learning how to edit it! Once it’s finished, I shall upload it to the site in the tutorials section!

The revision sheets will be appearing more frequently than the video tutorials but eventually I do hope to have a video tutorial for each revision sheet so that there is a method of learning that suits everyone.

So, you should be seeing more content being uploaded to the site in the near future. I’ll update you again in October- I’ve decided I’d like to do an update once a month so you know what will be coming your way!

For now though…happy revising!

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