Hello world!

As you may have seen I have just released my first revision sheet on “The Definitions of Abnormality”. Just to let you know, I have actually written out all the revision sheets for the Abnormality section of the AS course and will be uploading them in due course.

I have also recorded my first video tutorial and am currently learning how to edit it! Once it’s finished, I shall upload it to the site in the tutorials section!

The revision sheets will be appearing more frequently than the video tutorials but eventually I do hope to have a video tutorial for each revision sheet so that there is a method of learning that suits everyone.

So, you should be seeing more content being uploaded to the site in the near future. I’ll update you again in October- I’ve decided I’d like to do an update once a month so you know what will be coming your way!

For now though…happy revising!

September 15, 2010 at 5:54 pm by Rachie
Category: News, Revise With Rachie