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May 2016
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Biological Model of Abnormality Tutorial

Hello world!

I have just uploaded a new tutorial on the Biological Model of Abnormality which you can check out here. You can also see all my other tutorials on the tutorials page surprisingly enough and also on my YouTube channel:

I am planning to release more Abnormality video tutorials over the summer and also to release revision sheets for the Attachment section of the AS Psychology course.

Happy revising!

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First Memory Revision Sheet is now Online!

Hello world!

I have finally posted up the first Memory Revision Sheet and there are many more to come! Things are a bit slow at the moment due to my A Level exams coming up in January but once they’re out the way I should hopefully be posting much more regularly again on here :)

In the meantime, check out the Multi-Store Model of Memory revision sheet and any of my Abnormality revision sheets!

Other revision sheets to come in the Memory section will be:

The Working Memory Model, Eye Witness Testimony, The effects of Anxiety and Age on Eye Witness Testimony, The Cognitive Interview and Memory Improvement Strategies.

So you have all that to look forward to!

For now though…Happy Revising!

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My First Revision Sheet!

Hello world!

As you may have seen I have just released my first revision sheet on “The Definitions of Abnormality”. Just to let you know, I have actually written out all the revision sheets for the Abnormality section of the AS course and will be uploading them in due course.

I have also recorded my first video tutorial and am currently learning how to edit it! Once it’s finished, I shall upload it to the site in the tutorials section!

The revision sheets will be appearing more frequently than the video tutorials but eventually I do hope to have a video tutorial for each revision sheet so that there is a method of learning that suits everyone.

So, you should be seeing more content being uploaded to the site in the near future. I’ll update you again in October- I’ve decided I’d like to do an update once a month so you know what will be coming your way!

For now though…happy revising!

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Welcome to Revise With Rachie!

Hello world!

My name is Rachel and I’ve decided to make a revision website/video blog. The site is currently under construction and you can find out more about me and my site in the “About” section. Videos will be coming in the near future!

In the mean time, here is one of my favourite videos for you all!

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance

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