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May 2016
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Attachment Revision Sheets

Hello world!

I have recently uploaded some revision sheets for the attachment section of the AS Psychology course. So far I have covered the stages and explanations of attachment. More revision sheets on this topic are to follow soon!

Anyway, take a look at the new attachment revision sheets here. Also, there are revision sheets for abnormality and memory which can be found here.

Hope someone finds this useful! Happy revising!

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AS Level Psychology: Memory Revision Sheets are complete!

Hello world!

I have just finished all the revision sheets for the Memory section of the AS course, you can read through them all here.

Over summer I will be releasing more Abnormality video tutorials and will also be starting to upload revision sheets for the Attachment section. I hope you all have a lovely summer and if you do decide to do some extra reading or revising then…

Happy revising!

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Exams are over! (Well, for now at least!)

Hello world!

To my relief I have just finished my January A2 exams meaning I am much more relaxed and have way more time on my hands until I start my revision for my final A2 exams in June.

I have just put up a revision sheet on The Working Memory Model- check it out here!

I plan to work hard on in the next month as I am having a rest from my own revision. Hopefully I will be able to finish the Memory section of revision sheets and upload a few more video tutorials.  I am also considering doing some blogs about effectively planning revision and different methods of revising.

So…watch this space and as always, happy revising!

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